Hello Kitty 3rd Bday bash!

For my LO’s first and second birthday parties I planned, sourced and handmade everything. It took months of planning and weeks of execution. A real labour of love, I enjoyed every minute of it. This year’s party was going to be a little different since the timing coincided with the divorce being finalized. Instead of months […]

DDs Minnie Mouse Birthday Party: Part 2 – Dipped Oreos

For DDs Minnie Mouse themed 2nd birthday, I was desperate to incorporate dipped oreos…how hard could it be to dip a cookie into melted chocolate? It turns out that making them look perfect like you see on all the fabulous party blogs and glorious Pinterest, is near impossible. But, the process was messy and fun, and […]

DDs 2nd Birthday: Minnie Mouse Mania

The past month has been so hectic! I made the transition back to the corporate world of work after a year as a SAHM. Together with this major adjustment, I had DD’s 2nd bday party planning! I had been dreaming and planning the party in my head for months, and the closer I got to the […]

DDs Minnie Mouse Birthday Party: Part 1 – Free Printables

As mentioned in my post Top 3 Kid friendly wine farms, the venue for DD’s Minnie Mouse themed 2nd birthday party was Weltevreden wine estate. It’s an outdoor setup with long picnic style tables, set aside a huge kiddies play area so I wanted to add a few Mousey touches but still keep with the laid-back winelands feel…so I […]

My new crafty obsession…dipped Oreos

(Pics sourced from google) While Pinteresting and googling the hours away for DDs upcoming birthday party, I came across the dipped- Oreo! Perhaps I’ve been living under the rock of school runs, errands and random acts of blogging… But the dipped Oreo has just got to be the next best thing to macarons and cake […]

Bath Ducky themed 1st birthday

DD’s first birthday party theme was chosen when she was only 6 months old. She absolutely adored her Bath Ducky, so it was a no brainer. I probably went a bit overboard with the theme-ming, but that’s just typical. No wonder her first word was DUCK! I love creating and designing, but not spending loads […]