Eggless banana muffins

Before I knew that it was safe to feed my DD baked cake and muffins containing eggs, I struggled to find eggless recipes that had a lovely light texture. I found this delicious and incredibly light banana muffin recipe at My extra touch is half a teaspoon of cinnamon and mixed spice! divine! They […]

Eggless Meatballs (frikkadels) with hidden vegetables

This is an easy, delicious and nutritious supper for fussy eaters and family. Without the egg, some meatballs may breakup during cooking, but I adore those smaller, crispier bits. Serves 6 Ingredients: 500g extra lean beef mince 2 slices of bread (preferably wholewheat) or 125ml breadcrumbs 3 tablespoons Spice Mecca Sosatie spice 2 carrots peeled […]