A spoonful at a time: Fussy eating and a picky toddler

Why does my child not LOVE food and eating the way I do? There are good days and bad days… Today is a very good day, considering she has a cold: 5 tsp oats, 8 tsp thai chicken soup, a whole orange! and its only midday!Whoop whoop! But when it’s bad it’s really bad… like […]

I hear my own voice in this piece. So well written. Loved it so much!

I stumbled upon this piece while searching for existing play date groups in Cape Town. And what a find! This blog has amazing substance, so go have a read. This article spoke to me, and was so in line with the ethos of my own blog and my life as a mom. A Belly For Me, […]

Breastfeeding: Oh tits!

Nobody told me …that breastfeeding doesn’t always happen naturally, that it isn’t easy. There is a lot of pressure on moms to breastfeed, and while it is a beautiful, natural , bonding process which is nutritionally superior for babies , getting the hang was certainly not easy for my firstborn DD and me. As soon […]