About me

IMG_0370I am God fearing. I am creative. I am daxsie obsessed. I am mostly normal, and almost perfect! haha

But most importantly right now, I am a mom to a beautiful little girl, born on 18 April 2012. She is the light of our lives, and the beginning of our new normal – a perfectly normal life of tripping over lego, wiping up snot, dishing a floater out of the bath and being woken up at before sparrows fart.

A constant repetition of  ‘one more spoon pls’ and ‘what’s the magic word’ that makes you wonder if perhaps you are not saying it right, or have gone a bit nuts…but an indescribable love and joy, and a life I would not change, not one little bit. Ok…maybe just the egg allergy and fussy eating 🙂

I am tired, (for many reasons, but one reason is) moms that don’t tell it like it is, for fear that they will be judged, or people will think that they don’t love their kids. And I get it, I too want to have perfectly manicured nails, clean hair, a child that sleeps through from 12 weeks, that eats everything put infront of it, and a child that looks as if she stepped of a GAP kids photoshoot (read clean, happy and preppy chic)…but alas the new normal of motherhood does not always allow such luxuries.

So let’s be happy with our OWN version of perfectly normal, whatever that is, on any given day. Dirty hair, chipped polish and all!

Join me for some honest conversation about the hairy and happy of motherhood. And then some … crafts, weekend outing ideas and other stuff that I love, and hopefully you will too!

God bless x



  1. I am dad and can relate to most of what you have discussed, except for maybe the nail polish challenges and a few others 🙂

    My two boys are everything to me and of course, I think they are perfect. But I also know that they not perfect. It’s those imperfections that make them unique human beings and it’s those imperfections that fill my heart with love every time I think about them.
    The gift of their imperfections made me realize how important it was for me to acknowledge, accept and love my own imperfections. What a great feeling to be rid of the pressure of trying to live up to society’s expectations of what is normal … and what is perfect.

    Here’s to embracing our imperfections and being our own unique normal.

    Love your blog Olive

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