Time to escape: My Top 4 Weekend Getaways

This is why

The view from Tierhoek Stone Cottage: “Stoeping” was our favourite activity

Feel the need get away for a bit? Escape the madness of day-to-day-life-itself?

We all need to take the time to reconnect with nature and those things that ground us. Feeling grounded helps us to begin to untangle the mess of unfinished thoughts. Once you feel connected again, you are more equipped to appreciate the joys, and cope with the frustrations of life.

Weekend getaways are a great way to do that – they provide something exciting to look forward to amidst the mundane of work,eat,sleep,school, looking for THAT dummy, the OTHER sock, and REPEAT.

Weekend getaways allow you to feel like you’ve have had a break without too much disruption or commitment like time spent on long haul flights, absence from work or school, huge cash expenditure.

This is my current list of top 4 weekend getaway ideas: 2 are recommendations and 2 are dreams, that will hopefully do just that!

The destinations below meet my (short) list of criteria (some not all at once!) :

  1. budget friendly
  2. that out-of-the city-feeling
  3. but not too far to drive
  4. pretty views
  5. self-catering option available

1. Monkey Valley – Noordhoek

We have had the most amazing stays at Monkey Valley. The service is so warm and welcoming, and they go out of their way to cater to special requests. Noordhoek is really a piece of heaven, just a stone’s throw out of the hustle and bustle of Cape Town.

The wooden cabins are well equipped, with a wood burning fireplace at the hub, perfect for a cold winters’ evening.

My recommendation is the Octopus cabin, a 6 sleeper, on the outskirts of the resort. It is very private and secluded, closest to the beach, and the views are spectacular.

Thorfynn’s restaurant didn’t disappoint, both seated and room service. At night, the deck and trees sparkled with fairy lights, which created the most magical and beautiful backdrop for simple, hearty meals.

Perfect for couples and families alike.

  1. KolKol Log cabin – Overberg

I find myself stalking this website’s photo galleries…it immediately transports me to a happy, dreamy place…I am absolutely in love with the décor, beauty in the simplicity of the cabins and amazing natural beauty of the surroundings.

Each cabin has a wood-fired hot tub – how awesome!

I want to spend my days on this stoep at Kolkol Pincushion Log cabin, with my love by my side and the kids’ laughter within ear shot. Seems like it’s near impossible to find an open weekend for the next few months…this is one that will need some long term planning and commitment!

Suitable as a romantic getaway as well as family weekend away.

3.Tierhoek Cottages – Langeberg Mountains near Robertson

My love and I have just returned from a wonderfully relaxing and romantic weekend at Tierhoek. We stayed in the Stone Cottage, on recommendation of a good friend, and it exceeded all expectations. The cottage is powered by gas and solar power, which made energy conscious souls like us feel very much at home.

No TV, microwave and minimal to no cellphone reception forces you to really relax and unwind, take in the splendor of farm life.

The Stone Cottage has a private plunge pool, which is a lovely treat, but only for the brave (slightly insane!) during winter! J

The outdoor shower is something to be experienced…even in winter. The views are amazing and the hot water keeps it toasty!

We spent a lot of our time “stoeping” as the views are spectacular. Up in the mountains, it is silent…REALLY silent. The only sounds are the beautiful calls of the resident birds echoing across the koppies and buzzing insects. No white noise, no traffic, just silence: Absolute bliss!

The Cottage is a wonderful couples retreat, but would not be suitable for a family. There are a few larger cottages on the farm which also have more luxuries (which may be required with kids around) like TV, Microwave, electricity, grassy patch to play.

We didn’t want to leave…now starts the dreaming and planning to live a life more simple and meaningful, in a beautiful setting such as Tierhoek farm…

Next time, the kids are coming along to enjoy the fresh air!

  1. Temenos– Mcgregor

They say “Temenos welcomes guests to come and ‘just be’. Listen to your own heart and body…

What bliss, to be in place that encourages you to ‘just be’?!

It looks like a spiritual haven, with meditation, yoga and body therapies available, all of which speaks to the hippy, bohemian, yogi in me. This seems the perfect place to reconnect with the self and with nature, all weekend getaway boxes – ticked!

This is a weekend getaway of solitude or with a like-minded partner – not suitable for kids in tow.

Hopefully, life will allow for visits to these dreamy spots over the next few months. The only way to make sure it happens is to take that step…Dream. Plan. Book. Make memories!

Be bold. Be strong. Be you. Be loved. Be chilled 🙂


Olive xxx


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