Hello Kitty 3rd Bday bash!

Hello Kitty Party

For my LO’s first and second birthday parties I planned, sourced and handmade everything. It took months of planning and weeks of execution. A real labour of love, I enjoyed every minute of it.

This year’s party was going to be a little different since the timing coincided with the divorce being finalized. Instead of months of planning, it ended up being finalized just 3 weeks before the time and the focus was different: minimal effort, neutral location and lots of space for mingling (or not!).

I chose Bugz Play Park because the venue location was ideal, and they offered a great all-inclusive package.

Every little detail was covered, from balloons, cupcakes with themed toppers, themed bunting with LO’s name, themed party favours, kids entertainment, kids food, adults food and drinks – setup and ready to go when I arrived. The service of the party coordinator was excellent, very attentive and organized.

I made DD’s cake for the last 2 bday parties, and I wanted to keep with that tradition.

I rented a Hello Kitty baking tin and used a basic butter cake batter. The second layer of the cake burned as well as the bottom side of Kitty’s head…thanks Murphy my old friend. It was late on Thursday night and I didn’t have enough ingredients to make another cake, and even if I had, I was too tired to bother!

So I cut off the burnt bits and ready to decorate! Thrifty mum: 1, hot oven: 0

I allowed the cake to cool overnight and decorated the night before the party.

Pinterest provided inspiration and guidance…it was really easy.

I kept it simple with butter icing as the base, and fondant for the accents (eyes, nose, whiskers and bow). The colouring was not conventional for several reasons … some deliberate.

I wanted a white Kitty, but since I made butter icing, it ended up being light yellow. I decided to make her pink instead 🙂 and DD insisted on a blue bow for kitty, what madame wants, madame gets!

As I added the finishing touches (glitter, of course!), my LO shouted,”that’s AWESOME mamma!”

Mission accomplished!

The party was a great success – no injuries (physical or otherwise) despite a nasty fall by the bday girl. Minimal effort for maximum satisfaction for the kiddies, perfect!

Be blessed.




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