Easter time! Remembering the old and building new traditions

This post is officially one week in the making…you may wonder why…but as they say, life is what happens when you’re making plans… or trying to blog. So apologies for the late Easter post, but I hope that this will still be useful and relevant for some last minute soul (much like myself!)

Easter time brings back many fond childhood memories: sugar highs, pickled fish, hot cross buns, family time.

Growing up, Easter egg hunts were never part of our Easter traditions, but as I move forward in creating a new life for me and my LO, I’d like add this to our own set of traditions, while still making sure that we still remember why we celebrate.

I found some fun and unique easter egg hunt ideas/variations here and easy clues here.

Other new traditions I have started with Easter is random acts of kindness and homemade Easter gifts.

Instead of buying Easter eggs for my loved ones, I’ve decided to make some Easter themed cake and cupcakes. This will also be a great activity with my LO, as she can help me decorate them…I fear that more speckled eggs may end up in the tummy instead of on top of the cupcake, but that’s also ok 🙂

I have always loved the idea of Random acts of kindness and paying it forward, but this is particularly meaningful on those days when you know that there are many who won’t be feeling that warmth and love that you are blessed with. Happy home fairy also has some really sweet ideas:


Some more ideas could be :

  • Calling a parent or grandparent or someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Visit an animal shelter and thank the staff for the new beginnings that they give to so many animals
  • Surprise a loved one with note saying “SomeBUNNY loves you, Happy Easter!

If you are having family and friends over, here are some printables to pretty-fy your home and gifts, and keep the love alive:

  • Hostess with the mostess once again didn’t disappoint with vintage-feel bunny printables, great for Easter table, home décor or as gift tags.
  • Happy Home Fairy: If you who want to do something special for your partner, check out these super cute cards, you can print out and slip into bags or lunch boxes as a romantic little gesture!

Time to get back to watching movies and eating too much chocolate with my angel pie!

Be blessed with love and the joy of Jesus, and share that with the ones dearest to you.

Olive xxx


  1. Hey O,

    Absolutely love this article especially the “random acts of kindness” ideas.

    Stay blessed!

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