DDs Minnie Mouse Birthday Party: Part 2 – Dipped Oreos


Dipped Oreos for DD’s 2nd birthday party

For DDs Minnie Mouse themed 2nd birthday, I was desperate to incorporate dipped oreos…how hard could it be to dip a cookie into melted chocolate? It turns out that making them look perfect like you see on all the fabulous party blogs and glorious Pinterest, is near impossible. But, the process was messy and fun, and the cookies added to the mousy-ness of the party,… always aiming for perfect, happy with pretty-darn-good-for-homemade-mama! 

I had great intentions of taking copious amounts of pics to share a how-to, but honestly, I spent more time trying to figure out how to get it right. So this post has gone from a “how-to”.. to a “hey…look what I made…isn’t it pretty…?!”

My first stumbling block was ingredients – we don’t get double stuffed OR mini oreos in SA, and all Minnie Mouse dipped oreo tutorials call for it. I found the next best thing: small chocolate disks at my local baking shop (the melting chocolate disks), for the ears, and good ol’ original Oreos.

For approximately 30 cookies, I used the following ingredients:

  • 3 boxes of Oreos
  • 400g of Milkybar chocolate (or any white chocolate)
  • 500g bag of small dark chocolate disks
  • Chocolate icing pens and pearl balls to decorate
  • Wax paper to lay down the dipped cookies

Let’s get down to it!

I tried a few different methods to get the disks stuck into the Oreo- the easiest and most successful (fewest cookies broken) was simply pushing the disks gently into the unopened cookie, like this:


Step 1: Gently push 2 chocolate disks into Oreo – between the filling and cookie.

Once the “ears” are in place, very gently squeeze the cookie between your fingers to make sure that the filling glues them down good and solid!


Step 2: Make sure that the filling acts as a glue for the ears by gently squeezing the cookie


Step 3: You could use this as the base for a dipped oreo or cookie treat to suit many kids’ party themes – teddy bear, doggy, minnie and mickey mouse, simply decorate with icing/chocolate/ icing pens and sweets

Now for the messy part (hence to photos): Dipping into chocolate!

First lay down some wax paper to place the dipped cookies once you are done.

A word of warning: melting chocolate in the microwave can quickly burn, making it crumbly which will spoil the smooth finish! Check on the chocolate every 10 seconds or so and stir often. I melted 2 slabs (200g each) of Milkybar (white) chocolate and dyed it with pink gel colour until it was a lovely bright pink. This amount of chocolate was sufficient for dipping 3 boxes of oreo cookies.

Hold the top half of the cookie in your one hand and dip the bottom half of the cookie into the melted chocolate. Simply dipping it doesn’t create a nice neat edge, so use your other hand to guide a toothpick or other pointy object to guide the chocolate. Don’t stress if you can’t get  a straight edge! You can cover it up later with decorations or neaten with an icing pen.

Your chocolate may spread a bit once you place the cookie on the wax paper, but you can easily fix this once the chocolate has hardened by cutting off the excess chocolate around the outside, with a sharp knife.

For the finishing touches, I used chocolate icing tubes to decorate: added a small bow between the ears and  neatened the dipped chocolate edges. I also added little white pearly balls as polkadots for Minnie’s “dress”. I made a few completely coated in chocolate, and decorated with the chocolate icing pen. The white chocolate and oreo combo is heavenly!


And there you go! I hope to post some more easy dipped oreo party ideas – it’s a great way to extend the party theme to the food/party favours for kids.

Thanks for reading my blog! Please comment and share pics of your creations! My Facebook page is Perfectly Normal Life, come and Like my page for more ideas and tips!



  1. Hey olive&rose10, I totally enjoy your posts. Love your easy style, touch of humour and always helpful posts. So much so, I’ve nominated your blog for a Liebster award. Check it out over here

  2. How many days ahead of time can I make these so they don’t go stale?

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