DDs 2nd Birthday: Minnie Mouse Mania


The past month has been so hectic! I made the transition back to the corporate world of work after a year as a SAHM. Together with this major adjustment, I had DD’s 2nd bday party planning! I had been dreaming and planning the party in my head for months, and the closer I got to the party date, the smaller my money babies became and the less free time I had on my hands! It’s officially taken me a month to compile and post this piece! The party was so much fun, hope you enjoy the pics!

The theme: My DD is a DisneyJunior kid, so the theme was a no-brainer! Minnie Mouse party stuff was also readily available in stores (read cheap stores!), which suited my budget. I was also keen on adding some aspect of dress up to the party, and mouse ears were an easy way for both boys and girls.

Cake Table

CAKE TABLE: If you are a fellow party blog/pintereststalker, the rainbow/ombre cake is everywhere! I was set on making a Pink Ombre cake, with some sort of minnie mouse decoration. My fondant bow attempts were a complete failure, so I settled for a simple (soft pink) buttercream icing, with pink fondant polkadots and minnie mouse figurines. I found really cute cake bunting at Bugz Play Park – by LillyK, as the crowning glory !Cake table

I also made Minnie Mouse dipped oreos using choc disks as ears, and dipping half the cookie into melted Milkybar mixed with pink colouring. I added some white pearl sugar decorations as polkadots. The awesome Minnie Mouse cupcakes and polkadot dress cookies were made by my dear friend at The Milk Memoirs – amaze!


DECOR: With my limited budget, I leveraged the themed cake table as well as the party favours as part of the decor as well. In addition to that, I got some  goodies, like a “Walking” Minnie Mouse Balloon which the kids LOVED, Minnie Mouse silhouettes on skewers for the kiddies table (also LillyK), Minnie Mouse serviettes  and  bunting (from Toys R Us).  The free printables (cupcake toppers and party favour bag tags) I used can be found here.

I bought lots of ears at China Town in Parow, so even the adults could don a pair if they wished. I printed a sign saying ” Grab a pair of ears to celebrate in true Mouse style!”


Kids table: The venue setup a cute rustic little kiddies table. I added a few touches, but kept it very low key. As part of the party package each kid got to make their own pizza, with a slushy. Most kids ate the whole pizza – and often kids waste the ‘food’ at parties. It must be because they had a hand in making their lunch. The package also included a party favour box with sweet goodies and a small chocolate cupcake.

I wanted to add a special Mousy touch to the party favours, so each kid got there own Minnie/Mickey bag. Moms have commented that these bags have come in handy, so I am really pleased!

Weltevreden wine estate is truly an awesome kids’ party venue – the service was phenomenal and both adults and kids enjoyed themselves. It was also a pretty much stress-free party – we pitched up, drank wine (not the kids :P) and ate pizza, and left with no mess to cleanup!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Toodles!





  1. Love thr first photo…it looks like Mini is also posing for the photo. Thx for the links…they will come in handy.

  2. You’re going to have to post a step by step post on how you did the melted choc oreo dips. ..because anything to do with melt chocolate goes pear shaped for me


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