My new crafty obsession…dipped Oreos


(Pics sourced from google)

While Pinteresting and googling the hours away for DDs upcoming birthday party, I came across the dipped- Oreo! Perhaps I’ve been living under the rock of school runs, errands and random acts of blogging… But the dipped Oreo has just got to be the next best thing to macarons and cake pops. They seem far less tricky to make and versatile. A great way to incorporate food as part of the party decor: A pretty-cutesy-food/decor enthusiast’s dream!

I will blog my first attempt soon! Can’t wait to give them a try!

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  1. These look easy-peezy and yet so impressive! Can’t wait to see your first attempts. Personaly , I wanna know how the freck you get your melted chocolate right…I suck at that. “Toadalllllllllly”

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