I hear my own voice in this piece. So well written. Loved it so much!

I stumbled upon this piece while searching for existing play date groups in Cape Town. And what a find!

This blog has amazing substance, so go have a read. This article spoke to me, and was so in line with the ethos of my own blog and my life as a mom.Ā A Belly For Me, A Baby For You: Confessions of My Perfect Life.

Share your imperfectly perfect confessions with me!

Mine is: Sometimes I choose make-up over showering before darting out the house for the school run.



  1. Ok,so mine are:2days ago as I once more settled in for the long haul of gettin littley to sleep thhe last nap of the day, I ran my tongue over my teeth n with great horror cud not for thhe life of me remeber if I brushed my teeth that day. (Yuck, I know)

    And I finally washed the vomit from3weeks ago,outta the cot matress. Its been sucha madhouse recently it was easier just to hide it outta reach of kids(n visitors) n just pull out the portable cot instead. (Double yuck. I know)

    • Thank you for being brutally honest! Double yuck, yes, but these are all signs that your focus has been entirely on your LO, and that’s what is most important.

      • Thanks olive&rose10 for not judging-whew! Also for making me feel ok about it-NOT that I plan on making a habit out of it šŸ™‚

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