Bath Ducky themed 1st birthday

DD’s first birthday party theme was chosen when she was only 6 months old. She absolutely adored her Bath Ducky, so it was a no brainer.

I probably went a bit overboard with the theme-ming, but that’s just typical. No wonder her first word was DUCK! I love creating and designing, but not spending loads of money. Hope this inspires you and that you enjoy the pics!


I was adamant that I’d make her cake myself, as my mom did all our bday cakes growing up, and I figured that its mostly kids eating it, so as long as I killed the cake with sweet icing sugar, the dry and holey texture would go unnoticed.


I rented a Wilton’s 3-D duck mould from Baking Tin, a week prior to the party. 

(Picture from

Excitedly, I made a vanilla batter, poured it in the one half of the mould, bound up the two sides with wire, and into the oven. To my amazement (with many failed baking attempts under the belt over the years), out popped a beautifully baked golden duck! Isn’t he lovely?



I went back to the Baking tin that day to relay my excitement to the assistant. I told her I’d be back to rent it again, as the party was only on Saturday, and she assured me that if I cling wrapped it well and froze it that same day, I could defrost the day before to ice, and the cake would still look and taste great. Perfect! Especially since the success of my first attempt was most certainly a fluke.

So off I went and froze Mr. Duck. I am always so open and honest when it comes to my cooking and baking (read CHEATS), in the hope that I can help someone by sharing tips. I shared my freezing tip, and some family members thought it was bizarre, and probably lazy of me… so much so that someone made a snide remark at a kids party a while after mine, suggesting that the mother freeze their kids cake until next year. Haha! NOT funny…Maybe it’s just me being sensitive? Or maybe it’s BITCHY?!!! Who needs enemies with family like that.

Pfft! Back to Mr. Duck Smile My pride and joy. Carefully I took him out the freezer the day before the party and thoroughly defrosted him (took about 12 hrs), before I started icing. I used the Wilton’s butter icing recipe that came with the mould and it worked perfectly. I also decorated and iced Mr. Duck exactly as the Wilton’s booklet recommended (Fondant eyes and beak)

I wanted the cake to look like Mr. Duck was floating in water, so I baked a rectangular cake and covered it with blue icing. I rolled various sized balls of white fondant for bath bubbles (which ended up looking pretty cool as my hands had residual blue dye on them, so they looked marbled!) . I think it turned out pretty darn awesome!



Kids ate hotdogs and duck shaped sandwiches (made using duck shaped cookie cutter), and platters of fruit kebabs for adults.

Kid’s snacks to go with the theme included: mini choc shaped eggs (duck eggs), Mini cheddars and pretzels (duck feed), homemade duck shaped biscuits, duck shaped marshmallows, and yellow & orange cake pops (thanks mom!).

378323_10151299463177242_998494201_n (1)

I also baked some egg free cupcakes for DD, and decorated these with caramelised popcorn (duck fluff), marshmallow head, liquorice eyes and orange coloured smarties for beak.


Sister-in-law baked cupcakes decorated with fondant ducky and sparkly icing, very pretty.




I printed out awesome birthday banner, food labels and other (free!) ducky printables from here.

Also, my sister did an amazing job creating duck cut outs for the wall as well as providing a duck piñata, and decorating polystyrene cutouts of DD’s name to decorate table. I also placed rubber duckies in ‘baths’ of water dyed with food colouring, using vases and glass bowls I had around the house.



Another special touch which I loved was duck foot prints on the floor, leading folks to the bathroom/toilet.

936569_10151299463807242_862792431_n (1)


I decided to make my own tutu for DD, as I didn’t have money to buy one. It was dead easy and looked so darling! I also bought an iron-on ducky to embellish a basic white onesie. 23941_10151299479147242_364917790_n305794_10151299455397242_1811216713_n

As a take home gift, I bought yellow boxes from Merripak, and labelled each with kids name and decorated with ducky stickers. Each kid received theme,age and gender appropriate gifts e.g. toddlers got rubber bath toys and older kids got playdough. Each child received a small bottle of either bubble bath or shampoo.


The party took about 3 months to plan, and 1 month to prepare – with 2 weeks prior to party being most hectic(most of the décor and food was home made) but was well worth all the hard work!

Please share your thoughts!



  1. Thx4sharing all ur great tips! Hope ur gona blog the egg free cupcake recipe soon!

  2. What an inspiration, making your own cake….will have to wait and see if I will follow in those footsteps with little one’s party that still requires planning. Flanks for sharing!

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